Common Misconceptions About Sash Windows

Sash windows are a common feature of the most traditional houses in Cheltenham. They are specially used for their wide view and easy functioning. However, several misconceptions surround these windows. People refrain from having one installed in their newly built homes because of these misconceptions.

But this is pure because of lack of knowledge and the unavailability of the right services. Here are some of these common misconceptions regarding the window system.


Now, one of the major beliefs of modern society is that sash windows require a large investment in maintenance because of the mechanisms involved. However, sash windows require just a similar amount of attention as other window systems. The timely lubrication, cleaning, and replacement of parts make up for their best performance and life, like any other window repair in Cheltenham.

Energy Efficiency

Another misconception about the sash window systems is that they are not energy efficient. However, the truth about it is in fact that they are energy efficient with the modern technologies at the same time when they maintain the traditional look of the property. This gives the owner a dual-edge over the energy efficiency benefits of the sash window system.


Like any other window, sash windows also require proper maintenance of the wooden frames to evade rotting. These windows can last for around a hundred years if the advice of the installers is followed and polish and paints are maintained. However, the rotting process also depends on the type and quality of woods used like oak, hardwood, or softwood.