Professionals for Repair Damaged And Leaking Tile Roofs

Tiled roofs provide traditional touch to the house and they also provide a great deal of insulation. This is the main reason why most of the residents of Grantham prefer to install them in residence. In the long run it gets very essential to repair or replace a part of roof tiles. If you do not take necessary steps then the interior of your house can also get damaged due to leakage and mold formation.

Steps during repair of tiled roofs – In the initial step professional roofers in Grantham inspect the roof and mark the tiles which are broken. They then remove the tiles, for this they use rubber hammers and strike along the cracks on a tile. This helps them to breakdown easily and they can be removed without causing any damage to tiles along their sides.

Before installing new tile, experts also see whether any damage is caused to the underlying portion or not. They then clean the surface and pour roofing cement along with adhesive which helps in securing tiles in a proper manner. Experts prefer to use adhesives rather than nails as they get rusted and can even cause injury to a person who is walking on the roof.

Additional steps taken by experts if the roof is leaking – In case the roof has started to leak then before placing a new tile, experts will take care of the problem. They replace a portion of the ply which has damaged and also check for the signs of molds as they can further cause severe damage to the roof of the house.


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